Closer look with Doraku through website

Doraku is a Japanese restaurant which capturing the flavors of Latin Cuisine while staying true to the sushi tradition of native Japan. To create a truly authentic experience, the restaurant itself was modeled after an Izakaya, which is a Japanese gastropub.

Images here, images there. Doraku’s new website created full with images of its restaurant. Bigger image header in each page makes the web fresher. For customer who never been there, they will get closer look of Doraku Restaurant with this layout.

Not just like another restaurant website, we made Doraku website with everythings that happened there. Customers can get all the informations about restaurant. We divided it into; home, about, menus, locations, giftcards, gallery, scene, press, career and membership.

Anytime, anywhere. Doraku’s new website designed responsive. Customers who want to see what's inside Doraku can accsess it easily from their devices. It’s easier to find each Doraku’s location. We completed full contact of each location with its map.

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